1:150 Scale Light Sheet Indoor light Metal Material Light Sheet for Train Model And Bus Compartment Light Sheet

1:150 Scale Light Sheet Indoor light Metal Material Light Sheet for Train Model And Bus Compartment Light Sheet
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Oписание продукта

Dynamic core 5313 audio chip

Product parameters:
Size: 21mm x 15mm x 4mm
Working voltage: 12V-26V
Maximum motor output current: 1A
Function output output voltage: 16V
Function output maximum output current: 500mA
Working temperature: 0-70°C

Supports 14th, 28th, and 128th speed control of DCC protocol.
Suitable for all HO levels.
With 6 function output ports, motor overload protection, temperature protection, output port overload protection.
New constant speed effect.
®RailCom, SUSI.
Eight-pin and twenty-pin versions are available.

Explanation: The sound chip is different in size depending on the model and front space; the absence of a resonant box proves that the front has no space and is not configured.




2. When the car shell is removed, it will be seen 


3. Correctly insert the sound chip to the chip8 Pinhole


The position of the speakers placed on each model may not be the same, such as the 4B/4D front can only be placed in the position shown below. Other models determine location based on space conditions






Product parameters:


size:30mm x 16mm x 6mm
working voltage:12V-26V
 Motor maximum output current:1.5A
 Function output voltage:16V
Maximum output current of functional output port:700mA
working temperature:0—70°C



Product features:


SupportDCC Protocol14 level.28 Level and128 Level speed control.
Applicable to allHO Grade train model.
Have4 Functional output port.
Functional output port. Overload protection of motor, Temperature protection.
Constant speed effect.
Hardware support bi-directional communication.






8Pin standardDCC Interface junction table:


colour      Corresponding connection
Violet      Functional output port2 Negative pole
green      Functional output port1 Negative pole
white      FL Negative pole
yellow      RL Negative pole
blue      Public positive pole
orange      Motor positive pole
 gray      Motor negative pole
black      Left orbit
gules      Right track




Two. Product description:


1. use Mega city controller Control is usually controlled1-8 The sound of a key; Other high-end digital controllers can control more voice..


2. All the chips sold in our store have been burned., Can be selected in accordance with the model;




Here is the following5303 Description of the product installation of the chip,5313 The same installation is the same, Can be used as a reference


1. Remove the chip from the box, Please be careful not to pull the wire hard.;


2. Determine the horn to be welded according to the model;


3. For how to install, please refer to the following pictures:




Be careful:ND5 Locomotive andCRH3 The way to install the chip of the harmony motor car is a little bit special., There is a special introduction in the back.5303 There are two trumpets in all of them, About which one to use, To see which horn is suitable for the location of the chip installed in the locomotive..


One. Dismantling shell: There are two conditions for the dismantling of a locomotive\'s car shell:1. Some cars are just taken off the hook after getting off the hook, The car shell can be removed;2. The other is to take off the hook after getting off the hook, It also needs to be screwed down4 A screw can be removed from the car shell, this4 A screw in the vicinity of the bogie at the bottom of the car, After screwing down the screw, The car shell can be removed.




Two. Take off the prefabricated digital circuit socket( The yellow block in the lower picture). Can be seen8 A jack, And annotated1.4.5.8.




Three. The digital chip or digital sound chip will be installed on the corresponding digit jack position.




Four. If an ordinary chip is installed, With adhesive tape, chip wires and chips are fixed on the body..


If it\'s a digital sound chip, You need to find the right space for the horn.( Be sure to avoid wire and screw holes


Reset, Do not damage the wire when the car\'s shell is fixed.).




Five. After the installation is completed, First try to get out of the car, Reinstallation of car shells and couplers without problems.


Six. If the car shell can not be installed in place, It is necessary to relocate the black part of the digital chip to a larger space. Try the place, The car can not be installed or the coupler feels high and low., It\'s usually because it\'s too high to the car\'s shell. Resulting.


ND5 Installation method of sound effect chip for locomotive


ND5 The locomotive has a special place to install the horn, So after the dismantling of the car shell, Don\'t weld the horn at first, First, the speaker should be drawn from above and then welded with horn..




CRH3 The explanation and installation method of the harmonious sound effect chip


OfCRH3 Control of digital lighting:


1.CRH3 Digital emu after digital code, All car lights can be controlled centrally, An absolute bright spot.


2. ThisCRH3 The new model is adopted in the model of the harmony EMU., For example3 Digital chip above the multifunction output interface of the road( Such as moving heart5203.5303 etc.) Can be used aloneF2 Function keys to control car lights.


3. If you buy something that doesn\'t burn well5303 chip, Before installation, The user needs to make a simple transformation of the chip, Welding the unconnected green wires on the chip to the number of the digital pins3 On the needle).

4. The original 100 million city produces easy access to simple digital chips without lighting the compartment lights separately., But it can be pressed by continuous pressF1 Function keys to control the light and dark degree of the front and rear lights(5203 Equal chips do not have this function);


5. Video after harmoniously digitized:( Copy and paste to the address bar)http://player.ku6.com/refer/wrNiVnXZYEziDyKp/v.swf


6. Further hints: Running under analog circuitsCRH3, Please note that the power interface between the carriages must be put in place., Pay attention to maintenance in peacetime, Do not deform it, Shelter evil people and countenance evil practices; In order to avoid a light and dark phenomenon in the light of the car./ /

installCRH3 A method of sound chip:


1. Disassemble the dining car( Power car) Car shell, Not the same as other cars, Hidden behind the wheel frame4 A screw, Screwed off first, Then the car can be taken off easily..                                




 2. Disassemble the four metal cards on the side of the fixed lamp board( Note the installation direction of the lamp board, The installation must be in the same direction, Otherwise the positive and negative levels will be counter.



3. So you can see it8pin Digital chip sockets.


4. take5303 Digital chip8 Yes8,1 Yes1 Install in.




5. The light from the car is designed in the car.DCC SocketPIN3 Centralized control switch, So5303 Additional functional output lines( green), Welded to the chip plugPIN3 upper( The chips sold in our store have been welded well). In this way all the car lights have a digital controller.F2 Control bright and extinguish. Not to do so, The car lights are not bright.                      


6. A lot of space in the car, Find a suitable position to place a horn, The trumpet line may not be installed in place, A tool, such as a hand drill or scissors, etc., Open a small slot on the blue board, Elicited the trumpet line from the slot, This will not affect the installation of the lamp board..






CRH3 A big horn needs to be used( The trumpet and the resonant box are too high, Can\'t put down)



7. After installing the chip and the lamp board, First test: Walk. voice. lighting, If the confirmation is no problem, Reload the shell.



8. If the chip you bought has not yet burned the sound, In the end, we should make use of8100 The programmer, takeCRH3 The sound package is burned in5303 Can.( The chip sold in this store has been burned., So you don\'t need to operate this step after buying, You can install it directly according to the steps).


7G Head mounting chip


The small horn is under the




Product parameters:

size:30mm x 16mm x 6mm
 working voltage:12V-26V
 Motor maximum output current:1.5A
Function output voltage:16
Maximum output current of functional output port:700mA
working temperature:0—70°C

Product features:/

SupportDCC Protocol14 level.28 Level and128 Level speed control.
 Applicable to allHO Grade train model.
 Have4 Functional output port.
 Functional output port. Overload protection of motor, Temperature protection.
 Constant speed effect.
 Hardware support bi-directional communication.
 adopt8100 The programmer Can burn internal sound.