Commercial egg Sausage Cooker hot dog maker Eggs omelet roll Master electric Egg Boiler cup breakfast machine 10 holes EU

Commercial egg Sausage Cooker hot dog maker Eggs omelet roll Master electric Egg Boiler cup breakfast machine 10 holes EU
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Oписание продукта

Commercial 6-plate rice steamer Rice cooker Cabinet Electric steamer

high quality food egg steam box 6-layer electric steamer 


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Product parameters

Name:Electric steamer


Product number:GL1102

Voltage: 220v/380v

Power: 6000W

Steamed rice production: 24-30kg/time

Flour yield: 18-24kg/time

Working time: 25-50min

Product size: 750*650*980mm



1. Made of high quality stainless steel material, beautiful and practical, clean and hygienic, compound food hygiene standards.

2. Select the characteristics of the factory\'s electrical components, automatic water inlet function, automatic pressure relief protection and steam pressure gauge display.

3. The patented design of highly efficient approaching door lock hinge eliminates the traditional hand-wheel-type door lock hinge. It can be used to lock or open the door simply by pulling one or two door handles. It is convenient and practical.

4, the use of stamping stainless steel steaming plate and liner, cleaning convenience, eliminating the trouble of leaking rice plate.

5. The new multi-balloon embedded silicone door seal design eliminates common sponge door seals, eliminating the need to replace door seals in three or two months.

6, the use of heat-resistant polyurethane overall foaming process, so that the box good thermal insulation performance, the shell temperature rise is small, heat preservation for a long time, the overall non-deformation, both energy saving and environmental protection, but also a corresponding extension of the machine life. The traditional rice cooking cabinet uses ordinary mineral wool insulation, which causes the mineral wool to sink due to the steam infiltration, which results in the loss of heat insulation in the upper part of the steaming cabinet.


Electric steamer normal working environment conditions

1. The ambient temperature is 5-50°C, the relative humidity of the air is not more than 90%, and the altitude is not more than 2000 meters.

2. Supply voltage 380V ± 10%, frequency 50Hz.

3. Inlet pressure: 100-250kpa

4. When using external steam as energy source, external 0.02mpa steam pressure ≤ 0.02mpa.


Use the procedure

1. Preheating: When using steamed food, fill the tank with water and warm it up. After the water in the tank is boiled and steam is generated, steam it in the food; steam the food with external steam. , Be sure to slowly open the steam valve, ensure that the input steam pressure does not exceed 0.02mpa, do not use overpressure.

   Note: When using external steam to steam the food, the electric heating device and the inlet and outlet devices will not work. Cut off the power and close all inlet and outlet valves.

2, steamed foods: open the door into the food before steaming, you should turn off the power or steam valve, slowly open the door lock, so that the high temperature steam inside the rice cabinet pressure relief, to prevent steam burns. After the pressure is released, the door can be opened and the food to be steamed can be opened, the door handle can be closed, and the electricity can be transmitted to allow the rice steamer to heat up.

3, steamed rice: According to each plate about 4kg rice dressing volume, the rice panning clean, pour steamed rice dish, add the appropriate amount of water, water should be able to cover rice, smooth the surface of rice, into the steaming cabinet, The rest of the operation is the same as above.

4. Pressure relief: After the food to be steamed is ripe, you can turn off the power or steam valve, and depending on whether the steamed food is needed or not, whether it is immediately taken out. When you open the door, you should pay attention to the body not to be facing the steaming cabinet and the door, and keep it away from the steaming cabinet as much as possible, slowly open the door lock, let the high-temperature steam inside the steaming cabinet pressure relief and then remove the food. Take out heat-insulated gloves when taking out foods to prevent the hands from getting burned.


Installation instructions:


1, first check the power supply voltage must meet the rice cooker cabinet voltage, user-side leakage protection switch, etc. suitable for the power requirements of the machine.

2. Place the steaming cabinet horizontally, connect the water source and power supply respectively. The terminal bolt marked “Equipotential Connection Terminal” on the casing is reliably grounded with a copper core wire of not less than 2.5 mm2. Grounding on the water pipe or gas pipe is prohibited. on. The current carrying wire in the power line is connected to a suitable three-phase power supply with an independent control switch with leakage current and overcurrent protection device (Note: Be sure to use a control switch with an open distance of more than 3 mm for all poles to open the switch).

3. When the machine is shipped from the factory, in order to avoid the accidental displacement or damage of the floating ball inlet valve in the water tank caused by the product during transportation, the round floating ball of the water inlet valve adopts a foam as a supporting pad and is fixed by a winding tape. . Before the initial use, the user must tear off the tape, remove the foam, and check the normal float of the float valve before use.

4. When using electric heating, the water tank is connected to the external water pipe. The water pressure must be in the range of 100-250 Kpa. After the ball valve is filled with water, the water is sent to work to prevent the electric heating pipe from being dry and damaged.

5. When using external steam as energy source, a pressure reducing valve must be installed on the steam pipeline before the steam is connected to the steaming cabinet. The output pressure should be ≤ 0.02 MPa. Excessive pressure causes deformation inside the box.


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