HP 6 Car Amplifier / 12V Boost Converter Board / Switching Power Supply Board / 500W with Protection / DC Converter

HP 6 Car Amplifier / 12V Boost Converter Board / Switching Power Supply Board / 500W with Protection / DC Converter
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HP-6 Car Amplifier / 12V Boost Converter Board / Switching Power Supply Board / 500W with Protection / DC Converter
【Name】 Auto amplifier with isolated DC-DC conversion booster board
【Model】 HP-6 dual main power output
【Size】 157mmX140mm × 35mm
【Supply voltage】 DC 9V to 16V.
Power: 500W measured power, please do not ask the power is enough
Efficiency:> 95%.
Protection function: self-recovery overload and short circuit protection (over 500W protection)
【Usage】 car amplifier and other battery-powered and need to boost the electrical appliances
HP-6 has four different models, different models, the main output voltage is different from the specific output voltage see the following table:
Model Name Mains Outputs the output voltage on the car
Type A 2 groups ± 66V (12V input) ± 77V (14V input)
B type 2 group ± 42V (12V input) ± 49V (14V input)
C type 2 group ± 30V (12V input) ± 35V (14V input)
D type 2 group ± 21V (12V input) ± 25V (14V input)
Auxiliary output voltage: a variety of configurations with a set of auxiliary power supply, the voltage is 18V (12V input), the car is ± 21V. Can be pre-power supply, if the voltage is high need to use after the regulator.
Note: The output voltage is not adjustable, without regulation, the output voltage will vary with the input voltage and load severity.
【Instructions】 The input power supply used by the HP-6 power board must be within its scope of use and the current output capability must be large enough. The power input has + 12V REM and GND 3 ports, where + 12V and GND are connected to the positive and negative terminals of the input power supply respectively. The REM port is connected to the positive terminal of the power supply and the power supply board is operated by the switch. Can not directly through the 12V power cord to control the power board work!
Details: HP-6 is designed for automotive power amplifier developed a boost circuit, the board has two main power output, but also add a new set of auxiliary power, can be used for the former level, very convenient
HP-6 power board performance is also very excellent, the transformer diameter of 58mm, rated output power up to 500W, the power supply IRFP3206 current up to 200A, non-general shredded power board can be compared to HP-6 power board has a high efficiency And stability is worth mentioning, the measured when the output power of 300W, the power switch and rectifier without a little heat, radiators do not need to add, can meet the general non-A power amplifier applications, enough to make you ecstatic, for you Save the heat sink and installation space. The actual use of the proposed radiator, in order to prevent the output short circuit for too long and cause the power tube overheating damage.
High efficiency on behalf of the high-frequency radiation is low, does not affect the audio and other equipment, the normal work of the so-called digital sound is also significantly reduced, very suitable for the production of high standards of audio equipment.
HP-6 power board has a perfect protection circuit, the output overload or short circuit protection circuit starts, the power board is in a protected state, when overload or short circuit release, the power board will automatically return to normal work.