High Performance Motorcycle 13T Front & 45 46 47 48 51 52 T Rear Sprocket Kit For HONDA CRF450R 2002 2015 520 chain

High Performance Motorcycle 13T Front & 45 46 47 48 51 52 T Rear Sprocket Kit For HONDA CRF450R 2002 2015 520 chain
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Oписание продукта


LS1608 music spectrum of the latest suite and finished products using black shell, using the latest software, the best spectrum effect, using &Phi, 5mm highlight LED dot matrix, using streamlined design, suite making, low difficulty, easy welding.



LS1608 Youku video demo address:



Main parameters and characteristics:

1. Product size 127 mm * height 56 mm * thickness 18 mm

2 gravity automatic reversing, mute display temperature

3, more classic mode adjustable, with power down memory

4, 20 brightness adjustable, with power down memory

5. Fully enclosed plexiglass housing

6 stereo acquisition, software fusion, real stereo spectrum

Mute display temperature effect:

Spectral effect 1:

Assembled baby figure:

Kit: (missing rubber pads in the kit, plus actual delivery)

White high-quality PCB:

Use the blue Φ 5mm highlight the LED dot matrix (not 3mm Oh, the following picture can be compared to the 3mm dot matrix, and the right is 3mm)

LED soldering note: (24 on the back of the dot matrix and 24 on the PCB)

Well welded PCB:

USB interface features:

Custom power supply, audio integration, enter the white USB line

Custom imported materials, laser cutting, unique design stitching plexiglass shellHere is a tear free film)

LS1608 uses USB5V power supply, the working current is only about 30mA, not only can be inserted in the computer USB interface, as long as it is5VMobile phone charger, mobile power supply.

Note: when using the computer, the volume is recommended to 50%-60%, the best effect, it is not appropriate to maximize the computer volume, through the active speaker volume knob to adjust the auditory volume.


If you are not sure about the welding LQFP44 microcontroller and patch USB interface, please take the 3 yuan chip and USB welding, and I\'ll weld it for you before I ship it.



Button usage:


1, K2Pattern:Short press mode conversion


Long pressLlowMinHThree high gain adjustments


2, K1Brightness:Short adjust by brightness


Welding notice:


  1. Note that the STC12C5A08S2 microcontroller welding direction, as follows;

  2. 8*8LED dot matrix welding direction, dot matrix, back number 24, and PCB marked 24 feet corresponding;

  3. Temperature sensor DS18B20 welding direction as shown below, welding error will cause damage to the device;

    Notice of use:

    1 the display uses power and audio two in one input line, USB end for power supply, 3.5mm headphone plug for audio input, respectively connected to the computer chassis USB interface and headphone output;

    2, the power supply adopts USB DC 5V power supply, also can use USB interface equipment power supply, such as mobile phone charger, mobile power supply, please don\'t use ripple too big cottage charger power supply;

    3, this spectrum can be used with an external audio or headset, when the display is not enough, please open a large volume or increase the gain to M or H, when the full screen is displayed, please reduce the volume or increase the gain to L;

    4, when the 3.5mm headphone plug is suspended, the spectrum of random induction beating is a normal phenomenon, the headset plug into the headset jack can;

    5, because the temperature sensor is close to the circuit board, the temperature is different from the room temperature, is a normal phenomenon